Motherlode mine osrs profit

Mining has quite a few different training methods that cater to different styles. Mining experience rates are not particularly high under any circumstances.

The general idea will be to mine ores and drop them for fast experience, or bank them to profit but receive slower experience rates. Early on in your Mining training, you will be able to access the Motherlode Mine. We will go in-depth with this area later in the guide, however there is something important to keep in mind.

Motherlode Mine is by no means the fastest way to train, but it goes have some great rewards. Even if you do not plan to use MLM, consider training there only until you can purchase the helpful rewards.

Asides from the boosting equipment set, the Gem Bag can be helpful while training in other locations or when doing Gemstone Mining. This reward from the Varrock Diaries will give you a chance to mine multiple ores.

You will receive experience for both ores. Depending on which task set you complete, the armour will only work on certain ores. Note that this armour only works on ore. Requiring level 61 Mining to use, the Dragon Pickaxe is the best in the entire game.

motherlode mine osrs profit

It has a special attack that can be used to boost your Mining level by 3. It comes at a bit of a steep price, but if you plan to be Mining all the way up to 99 it is vital. This requires 85 Smithing, but will make your pickaxe have the chance to smelt ores automatically after they are mined. This lasts for 5, ores, then the pickaxe will revert back to normal.

These gloves will make it so that you have a small chance of an ore deposit not depleting. When this occurs, you will continue to mine the ore without having to click on it again. There are three different versions of the gloves, each offering better benefits. They need to be purchased within the Mining Guild. While training there, you will randomly receive Unidentified Minerals which can be used to purchase all three tiers of gloves. Starting out, we can easily skip many low levels by doing some quests.

You can pre-buy 2 Iron, 4 Copper and 6 Clay, then start and finish the quest in one dialogue! This does have some other slight skill requirements, so you will not be able to jump into this as a fresh account. Completing these two quests will get your Mining level from 1 to 32 without touching a single ore! All account types can complete these quests, there are no restrictions for pures or skillers. This method is only takes about 35 minutes considering you have the skills required for The Dig Site than training traditionally.

These ores are not valuable, and should be dropped for faster experience. The fastest way to drop ore from your inventory is to shift-click! Copper and Tin can be found in the mine directly south of Lumbridge, near the fishing location and swamp. Powermining Iron is a great method of training, and is even viable but not the best all the way up to The easiest of these locations to access is just east of Ardougne.To keep some variety flowing, these are not in any specific order.

But, every one of these is a viable training method that many players use.

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AFK Hunter. Maniacal Monkeys. Maniacal Monkeys are unlocked at only 60 Hunter after Monkey Madness 2. To begin hunting them, you firstly need to mount on a Gorillaand then you can go ahead and set up traps without logs. You lure Maniacal Monkeys using bananasand since there are a lot of bones scattered around the area, the Bones to Bananas Spell is so useful here. What makes this so AFK is that you can only set up 1 trap at a time, but each catch gets you Hunter XP, which is comparable to an almost full Redwood Birdhouse.

AFK Mining. Motherlode Mine. The difference between the lower and upper level is that on the lower level, each time you get a pay-dirt, there is a 1 in 3 chance of the Ore vein depleting.

The upstairs area instead works off of a timer, similar to fishing, except that the Rock times are a lot shorter. As soon as you start mining a vein, there is a 15 — 30 second timer until the rock fully depletes.

The second level gives much better XP per hour, and is a lot more AFK since there is over 60 available veins in such a small area. The Water Circuit is also very close to the upstairs area, and banking and getting rid of your pay-dirt is a lot faster. Mining Rune Essence. Now for an AFK Mining training method for very, very low levels.

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All you need for this is Rune Mysteries. The Rune Essence mining spot never moves, which allows you to click once and mine a full inventory of Rune Essence, which takes around 50 seconds at a lower Mining level. So, if you are going to be AFK while you do work or play on mobile, you are much better off mining Rune Essence at a low level. AFK Agility.

OSRS Motherlode Mine Guide for 1-99

Wintertodt Shortcut. Next is a really interesting AFK Agility method that only requires you to spam click. So, basically, it can be done with a wireless mouse while you walk around the house, watch TV, or do something else.These are the tools you will need to have either equipped or in your inventory to train the skill of Mining.

It is always best to use the highest tier of pickaxe available at your mining level. The higher level the pickaxe, the higher the chances of obtaining an ore from the rocks. There are currently 11 types of pickaxes in game with most following the standard metal types. If you decide to start training your Mining level at one instead of questing, it's advisable to skip bronze and begin with iron as they are both available at level 1.

From there on the next levels of pickaxes are unlocked as follows: Steel at level 6, Black at level 11, Mithril at level 21, Adamant at level 31, Rune at level 41, Dragon at level 61, Thirdage at level 61 Cosmetic difference to Dragon only and the Crystal pickaxe at level 71 Req.

Song of the Elves, 50 Agility. Dragon, Thirdage and Crystal pickaxes have a special attack called Rock Knocker. This outfit provides up to a 2. Players can unlock the outfit via the Motherlode Mine located in the Dwarven Mine. While we will expand on the aspects of the MLM later in this guide, note that the full outfit costs Gold Nuggets, taking approximately 15 hours to achieve.

Varrock Armour is the chest slot of the Achievement Diary rewards. The platebody grants the wearer a chance of receiving two ores including the Exp instead of one while mining ore. Due to Prospector outfit offering superior Exp bonuses, Varrock Armour should only be worn when Mining ore for profit or if playing Ironman Mode.

These gloves come in three tiered variants and provide a percentage chance that the ore vein mined will not be depleted.

OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Mining Guide

The gloves are obtained inside the Mining guild Req. Mining gloves affect the depletion of Silver, Coal and Gold ore. Superior Mining gloves affect depletion of Mithril, Adamant and Rune ores. Expert Mining gloves affect depletion rates of all ore Silver through Amethyst.

These gloves should be used if Mining ores for profit along with the Varrock Armour. Expert Mining gloves can take upwards of 10 hours to obtain.

Exactly as it sounds, the coal bag can hold 27 pieces of coal. This is again purchased through Motherlode Mine for Nuggets. Only useful for Ironmen mining coal or all players if smithing bars at the Blast Furnace. The bag can store up to 60 of each uncut gem Totalling The gem bag saves inventory space when mining Gem rocks, while on Slayer tasks and a multitude of other activities.Mining is a skill that allows players to obtain ores and gems from rocks. With ores, a player can then either smelt bars and make equipment using the Smithing skill or sell them for profit.

Mining is one of the most popular skills in RuneScape as many players try to earn a profit from the skill. On the map, mining areas are identified with a regular pickaxe icon and the mining shop with a gold pickaxe icon. Members-only items on this page are written in italics. A player using a rune pickaxe to mine ores. To mine, a player will first need a pickaxewhich are sold in a number of shops. New players are given a bronze pickaxe while completing Tutorial Island.

When a player has obtained a pickaxe, they next need to find a mine. Upon locating a mine, the player can then select a rock in the mine. Players can identify any mineable ore by right clicking and selecting "Prospect Rocks". Left clicking on it will cause the player to begin mining the rocks as long as they have a pickaxe that the player can use. As a player is mining a rock, they will eventually obtain an ore or a gemstone. This ore can either be used in the Smithing skill or it can be sold.

Selling ores can give players a good profit. Mining is a skill largely based on a player's luck, which is random in RuneScape.

motherlode mine osrs profit

Luck affects Mining in this way: the player will mine the rock, but when they hit the rock, it might take eight to twenty hits to obtain an ore. Another player may mine the same rock and get an ore in just one hit. Using a pickaxe of a higher metal will allow players to obtain ores faster.

Pickaxesor "picks", are needed to mine rocks. They can be equipped as a weapon, giving players one extra space in their inventory. However, pickaxes cannot be made using the Smithing skill. Pickaxes can be bought from either Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine or Tati in Keldagrimor from other players.

Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop in the Dwarven Mine is labelled on the minimap as a gold pickaxe.

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A player's Mining level determines the type of pickaxe they can mine with. The higher a level needed to use a pickaxe, the better it is than the ones below it. For example, a rune pickaxe will mine rocks faster than an adamant pickaxe. Ores are obtained from the different types of rocks. These rocks can be found in mines. On the minimapmines are labelled with a grey pickaxe. The colour of a rock corresponds to the ore's colour, so a black rock will yield coala blue rock will yield mithril oreetc.

When players click on a rock, they will hit it with their pickaxe and try to get the ore out. The higher level rocks, such as mithril and adamantitetake longer for players to mine an ore out of them, making the player require patience. After the ore has been mined, the rock will turn grey for a while.The Motherlode Mine is located in the Dwarven Mines.

Just south of the staircase after entering the mines. Players can mine Pay-dirt from the ore veins on the walls of the mine for 60 experience each, with a maximum of 24 being mined from a single vein. A closer area for mining requires 72 Mining. This area is just north of the bank chest in the center of the mine. There is also a tunnel next to the ladder that requires 54 Agility to trespass.

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You can mine various rockfalls for 10 exp. These rockfalls can fall on you for 1 damage, so be wary of where you stand! Cleaning the Pay-dirt will give you ores based upon your mining level, the amount of ores is random each time.

After obtaining a good amount of Golden nuggets, now is the time to spend it all! Below is a list of items that can be purchased with the Golden nuggets.

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Motherlode Mine. A miner, named Prospector Percy struck it lucky deep inside these mines. He's discovered a series of mineral tunnels and devised a machine that extracts a variety of useful ores out of the raw pay-dirt. Now he's opened these mines to the whole community! Skill Levels Required:. Mining: Players can mine Pay-dirt from the ore veins on the walls of the mine for 60 experience each, with a maximum of 24 being mined from a single vein. Cleaning: Cleaning the Pay-dirt will give you ores based upon your mining level, the amount of ores is random each time.

Prospector jacket 60 Golden nuggets Provides a 0.Between a Rock Completion of the hard or elite Falador tasks recommended for bank chest in Crafting Guild. Goldworth coinsis used to craft jewellery and train Smithing.

Although Motherlode Mine offers an array of ore based on Mining level, players can still gain some gold from the pay-dirt. Players who want strictly gold should focus on mining it at the Crafting Guild Mine or Arzinian Mine once all requirements are met. Arzinian Mine requires completion of the Between a Rock quest and the golden helmet.

The Crafting Guild requires 40 Crafting to enter.

[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 MINING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

For membersthe added bonus is a bank chest after finishing the hard Falador Diarywhich makes this mine the best choice overall, as opposed to banking at Falador East Bank like free players.

Additionally, for players with a Crafting cape that have not done the hard Falador Diary, banking can be done with teleportation jewellerysuch as an Amulet of glory or a Ring of dueling. All in all, players can get gold every hour predicated on levels and efficiency. Thus, the hourly profit margin ranges from 19, toMaking magic pyre logs. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Due to constantly changing prices on the Grand Exchangesome information in this article may or may not be current.

It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making large investments in any method. All prices on this page are cached, meaning it is possible that they appear out of date. To force a new cache of this page, click this link. If a money making method is out of date, you can edit it or leave a message on the talk page.

Categories :.My name is Theoatrixand welcome to my complete level 1 — 99 Mining guide. This article will take you through everything you need to know about Miningincluding the fastest ways to 99the profitable methods as well as some AFK and alternative methods. Outfit and Items. When you are training Mining, you should always be using the best pickaxe that you can. You do not need to wear the pickaxe to be able to use it. The Prospector kit which you get from the Motherlode mine is worth going for If you choose to train at the Motherlode mine, and the whole set costs nuggets.

The Varrock body also works as the Prospector Jacket. So, wearing the Varrock body plus the Prospector outfit really boosts your XP per hour. In the mining guildyou can trade unidentified minerals in exchange for Mining Glovesand these give a chance that the rock you are mining does not get depleted.

There is regular, superior, and expert Mining Glovesand the expert gloves work up to Runite. While these do not give more XP per rock, it still does increase your XP per hour using these. But, the Digsite Quest can take a little bit of time. Fastest Way to Now, I would like to get into the methods, starting off with the fastest way to level Take note that these methods are really click intensive and are not recommended for every single person.

Some of the alternative methods that I show later in this article may be more suited for you.

motherlode mine osrs profit

Power Mining is the fastest way to level your Mining, and power mining means mining and not banking any of the ores. So, dropping them all. Level 1 — Copper or Tin. But, if you do not want to quest, you should start off from level 1 — 15 mining Copper and Tinand a great place to do this is at the Lumbridge Swamp just when you get off Tutorial Islandand you will need to mine of either Copper or Tin to get to level Level 15 — Iron 3 Rock Area.

At level 15you unlock Ironand iron is actually the fastest training method all the way through to level You should always be training at a location where there are three iron rocks in a triangle.

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There are 9 different places in the entire game that have a 3 rock area, and I have listed them all on the screen right now. While you are mining iron, you should have the Varrock Armour equipped, because that will increase your overall XP per hour. At level 15you can expect about 30 XP per hour. But, once you reach above level 60your XP rate is about 60 — 70 XP per hourand even higher if you are mining in the Mining Guild.

My favourite place with 3 iron rocks is at the Mining Guild. That is how your XP rates speed up a little bit when you are mining ere. But, with iron, you will be instantly mining from about level Level 75 — 3 Tick Granite Quarry. From level 76 all the way through to 99, the fastest way to train your mining is 3 tick Granite.

This is extremely click intensive. But, it is the fastest way to train your miningand can get you up to XP per hour with 99 Mining. At lower mining levels, you will be expecting under XP per hour.

But, it is still faster than any other mining method. Since the quarry is in the Desert, you will need some sort of Desert Protection so you do not get damaged by the heat. The Desert Amulet 4 makes you immune to all the Desert heat, or you can bring waterskins with the Lunar Spell Humidify to fill them up.

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